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Help! Service Stabilitrak/Service Power Steering/Service Traction control/low power

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Hi all, at my wits end trying to figure this out. I'm sure its something simple, at least I hope!

2013 Cruze LS 1.8, Auto, 75K.

For about the last month, occasionally after starting, my Service Stabilitrak, Service Power Steering, and Service Traction Control lights all come on, warnings come on the screen in that order. This is happening since its been cold. A few times when this has happened, I haven't been able to get it out of park. The selector moves, but the transmission does nothing. When it does go into gear, it "clunks" into gear, and the car is in low power mode. If I drive or idle for 5 minutes or so, I can turn the car off, wait 30 seconds, and turn it back on and all the warning lights will be off, and I can drive the car as normal. (Check engine light stays on). This can happen a few days in a row, or 4-5 days in between, and only happens either overnight or after work- when the car has been sitting for a while. NEVER happens when running errands with multiple starts.

I checked all over, and found that it might be the negative battery cable, which there was a recall for, so I replaced the cable with a new AC Delco cable. The explanation was there was not enough voltage (Bad Ground) going to the computer when starting, which caused the error codes. Once the battery got charged for from a few minutes of driving, there was enough voltage at start to not cause the error. I thought that fixed the issue, but it started happening again about 4 days later.

I don't think it is the battery itself- Before starting, on a cold morning, my multimeter it giving me 12.25-12.5 volts, and the battery is only about 6 months old.

I ran the code, and am getting U0101, $07E8, "lost communication with TCM", which when I researched, looks like I'm getting pointed back in the direction I started from- Not enough voltage causing a glitch in communication when starting.

My Alternator is good, cable and ground is good. Anybody have this same issue? I've found a few threads with similar issues, but nothing quite like this, with all three service codes + loss of power.
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Oh my! It's like I'm looking in the proverbial mirror! I have the EXACT same issue albeit not as often as you. The same TCM code thing and messages etc.

I've replaced my negative cable once, then again today with a homemade one.

In the past, I've replaced the positive cable assembly. I've cleaned all the grounds I can find. I've pulled my PCM and cleaned the contacts and put dielectric grease on them.

This morning was the latest issue for me, at work. I got all the messages you did, but I shut my car off, then tried to start it. I turned the key and no response from the starter. I was a bit p.o.'ed and made my cable, installed it, and it started right up like normal.

We're in the same boat bud! I really hope we can solve this lol :D
1 - 2 of 18 Posts