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Help with Codes- P0171 and P0442

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These codes came up at samectime and I took it to a chev dealer. They replaced the cam cover for a leaking PVC valve. Then rechecked the fuel trims as normal. I know the PVC was bad by doing the finger on/off test over the opening in the diagram.

Same codes came back 1 day later and the car is back in the chev dealer. I am waiting too here back. They did mention the front crankshaft seal. Is it possible to get a vacuum leak from this seal. I always assumed the base was under pressure.

Could it be related to the evap system. Perhaps the purge valve? Any input appreciated.
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so isvtge fix a new intake manafold or is the valve replacable.
A member has created a workaround but the replacement manifold has been redesigned to prevent this being a future failure as well.

The valve is not a serviceable part......the replacement manifold comes with a new throttle body as well.

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