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help with dead mylink system

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I have a 2013 cruze with a now dead mylink system. The car has over 100k miles but the problem began at around 60k something and was around that time it was taken to the dealer. So it began acting flaky when you would go in reverse and the screen would just go black instead of the camera coming up. eventually it would get worse and worse but it was intermittent enough to a point that it would magically work when taken to the dealer, and since mechanics arent really mechanics these days and actually investigate problems they just say they cant do anything.

I kid you not, off topic here, but this is not the not the only problem we have had with the car. It has been nothing but problem after problem since we bought it brand new and i honestly wouldnt care if i woke up one day to find it was stolen or just a pile of ash where it sat. Any issue we had that it went to the dealer for, we were basically told that if there is no code they cant do anything...i cant make that up. but i digress...

anyway, like i said, it would get worse and worse to where it would just shut off in the middle of a drive then it may or may not have come back on. The day before it died for good a couple weeks ago, it would just reboot over and over on my commute home which is a 2 hr drive just watching this thing reboot, then play music for about 5 minutes, then reboot and repeat.

I tried everything i could from checking fuses, harnesses, pulling power, re-seating and cleaning ground points. to no avail. Some people online said there was a recall on the negative battery cable and they were having similar issues. I was skeptical but figured it was a free fix so i took it in. Unsurprisingly this did nothing and they finally determined the radio was bad...gee ya think?

Heres where the real fun begins. When the problem started and the dealer wasnt helping we called GM and they said we need to go through Infotainment as they are the people that deal with that system. They were very nice and said that the radio doesnt actually fall under the usual warranty and if they are found to be bad would actually be replaced for free by Infotainment. They just need to get the word from the dealer saying it was indeed bad/dead...which the dealer would not do because it worked for the 10 seconds they looked at it.

Well now once it finally died and the dealer confirmed it was one wants to even investigate the cause. The dealer doesnt want to pay, GM doesnt want to pay, and Infotainment didn't want to pay. No one was returning any of our calls or emails until finally last night, Infotainment calls to offer to pay an extraordinary 10% of the $1100 radio (thats minus labor). We refused and my wife who has been dealing with this (i am overseas for work at the moment) called GM and spoke with someone who was finally extremely accommodating. He said he would take the case over and understood that a problem like that shouldn't fall on the customer especially if it was a bad radio so he was going to try and get it replaced and would call us back by next Monday. Just sucks because no one even wants to do any sort of diagnostic on it so how will they even know if its a bad radio? If the think was just a lemon and took a crap then i get it, they wont cover that. I still dont understand how the mileage on the engine affects an electrical radio to a point they wont replace it...but that's how the warranty was written that i signed and i get that too.

My question here is does anyone know of an actual defect with this radio? The reason i ask is because i came across a thread on a different forum where a guy had the same problem and the same runaround. He finally started taking it to different dealers and finally one of them investigated it deeper, sent it either to GM or Infotainment and they found there was an actual defect in the radio and replaced it free of charge. He said once he got home he would post "all the codes" the dealer gave him so other people could take the info to their dealers and get the problem fixed without having to pay for a new radio. Of course as luck has it the guy never came back to the thread and everyone waiting was left with a dead end (sure hope that guy is ok tho).

I really dont know what the guy meant by "codes" as something like that doesnt throw the typical code when you think of vehicle error codes.

I think the reason this really bothers me is that my family has literally been buying NOTHING but GM vehicles for over 70 years. My father retired from GM after working there for 37 years. We have been nothing but loyal to this brand but the crap i have had to deal with just from this one vehicle has really got me to the point i never want to buy another GM vehicle. If i do happen to buy another one, the only reason will be due to the family discount i get from my fathers employment/retirement there. Do they know all this? no, im not going to use a sob story with the GM to try and get this fix as i feel they should treat all their customers well, not just the ones who have given them a lot of money. I just cant see sticking with a brand that does that after a long history of loyalty.

This has just been the worst car i have ever owned and i still kick myself for even buying it. I get it though, its a $20,000 car and you really need to spend 35-40k for a reliable american car these days but im still paying on it though so im stuck. I will be needing a new truck soon to replace my 06 sierra. It has over 250,000 miles on it and honestly runs great. Have had the typical repairs due to age but nothing serious (knock on wood). I really couldnt be more pleased. But i recently found out the frame is rotting horribly (the rear shock braces are so bad i dont even know how the shocks are still connected) so i just cant get rid of the cruze and buy something else as the plan was to pay the cruze off by the end of the year and then get a new truck. I dunno, ive heard a lot of good things about the Toyota Tundras.

sorry about the rant, needed to vent.

TLDNR: dead mylink, anyone know of, or have proof of an actual defect that would get GM to cover a replacement?
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Definitely try a different dealership. I'm assuming you have all the service records where you reported problems and the dealer came back "no trouble found" or "could not duplicate". You'll need these and a good dose of people skills to get a new dealership to talk to GM about covering all or part of the cost, especially since you're out of all warranties now.
yea, i can try another. there was another one we went to for other problems and they were just as unhelpful. took me pulling the codes with my reader and actually printing them out one time and showing them to figure out the coil was bad and needed to be replaced. Same for the valve cover vacuum issue and there was even a recall on that one!

guess ill find a third but im looking faith in gm dealers in my area.
The way I see it any applicable Warranty Coverage on this item expired 70,000 miles ago? Your first complaint was at 60,000 miles. The employee discounts you & the family received on the purchase could have been applied towards a GMPP or similar policy. I bought one knowing I will be covered until 2021. Look what G.M. does in South Africa and most of the Planet.


  • Exhaust system
  • Shock absorbers
  • Fuel system corrosion
  • Radio, speakers, aerial and CD player
  • Batteries of alarm/immobiliser remote control
  • Vehicle's battery
  • All friction material
My question here is does anyone know of an actual defect with this radio?
GM/Infotainment has come out with a software update. I think that's as close as it gets. There's been a few reports of units going bad, but nothing that could be called a defect.
lol, so my wife gets in the car this morning after it was sitting for almost a week and it magically works again. Dead for three weeks and back to life. this car is such a flaky POS.

Now what i dont get is the only test the dealer DID to was check to see if power was getting to the radio and it was not. So either they dont know what they are talking about, or there is something between the radio and the battery that decides when it wants to work. the hunt continues i suppose.

since this started as a backup camera thing, could there be an issue with whatever switch or relay controls the thing when you shift into reverse? i just have no idea what else could be causing it. Too many electronics on cars these days. I love how dealers brag that a car has this and that and this and all im thinking is "sounds like a lot of things that will break right after the warranty expires"
I found this post about a MyLink screen going blank after backing up. Not exactly the same problem you're having but maybe there's a problem with the reverse sensor and not the MyLink unit itself. Does shifting from reverse to drive a few times affect the display at all? Just a thought.
There's also a question about something being plugged into the ODBII diagnostic port addressed on the post.

Also a video showing how to remove the main unit and an eBay link to a replacement receiver if you should decide to go that route.
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does anything need to be done to it if i replaced it? like would the dealer need to reprogram it?
does anything need to be done to it if i replaced it? like would the dealer need to reprogram it?
Yes. The VIN programmed into the radio itself has to match the VIN in the BCM. It's a anti-theft measure to prevent stolen radios from working in new cars. If you get a radio from the junkyard, you should note the VIN of the car it comes out of. The dealer may need that information.

Looking over the problem, it sure sounds like a flaky radio to me. I would check the connections to make sure it's not flaky power.
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