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help with p0171

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i have a 2012 chevy cruze eco, 70K miles. i have replaced the O2 sensors, the MAP sensor, and now the car is still throwing the p0171 code. It all started with the O2 sensors codes then the map sensor was throwing a code. everything i have read points to the pcv valve in the valve cover and replacement of the valve cover. Im about at wits end here throwing parts at this car, has anyone else had this similar issue here? I can also tell you the diaphragm on the valve cover hisses/sucks air a lot, dunno if that is normal never paid any attention to it?

any help please!!!
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I had the similar code couple weeks ago, thought it was valve cover. I bought a new cover to replace but it turned out to be my boost gauge tubing which came loose causing a vacuum leak. Once I re-attached the tubing the code cleared.
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