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Help with replacing mylink touch screen!!!!! Plus new system!!!!

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I am desperately trying to find some help on replacing my factory mylink touchscreen with a kenwood double din. I have the double din but I cannot figure out which bezel and wiring kit to buy? It's a 2014 cruze diesel, but all of the kits I see are for cruzes without the touchscreen. If anyone can point me in the right directions I'd really appreciate it!!!!!

If anyone is curious the system details are:

2 12" SQ HDC3s
box will be 4.8 cubes before displacement tuned to 33 hz sealed from trunk
sundown 3k at .5 ohm
1 xs d3100 in rear and 1 xs d3400 up front
JP 240 amp alt
2 runs of + and - 1/0 sky high wire

Everything should sound pretty good, just need to figure out the double din first!
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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