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The first ACDelco filters for the 2011 Cruzes where Branded Hengst. They are the manufacturer/designer of the filter and the oil cooler assembly on the 1.4L Cruze. Hengst is one of the largest European oil cartridge design manufacturers in Europe.

As most of the oil filters on European cars are cartridges, vs. metal cans. I believe the diesel fuel filter on the 2.0L CTD might be Hengst as well. There was an article many years ago explaining the technology behind the diesel fuel/oil separator filter posted on their site.

About a year latter AC Delco had the same filter branded with ACDelco and the Hengst was removed. One filter comes in a white box, the other comes in a plastic bag. Both are good quality, but I think Rockauto had some complaints with the filters in a bag. Order filters along with other parts and it's really easy to have crushed filters when they are only packaged in a bag.

I thought they went back to the filters packaged in the white boxes.. I've even noticed Walmarts near me carry the AcDelco white box filter for about $6.50. How long will that last though, as it appears they have been on the shelf for a while.
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