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Hengst oil filter

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If this has been asked before I didn't see it. What is a Hengst oil filter vs a regular filter? I just changed my oil and replaced filter with same as came out. Did not appear to have a "check valve"? Or is Hengst just a name? I saw a variation in RockAuto
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As stated, Hengst is the supplier of the OE filter as well as the aluminum housing bolted to the block and the plastic housing cap.

There is no check or anti drainback valve in the is integral with the housing. The GM PF2257G filter is now packaged in a conventional red/white/blue GM box, replacing the earlier white box packaging. Hengst is printed on the inlet side of the filter.
I see no difference in the two.

What I do see often though is other brand filters may be slightly longer......just enough longer that they appear slightly crushed upon removal and, so far, it seems the GM filter, early or late, is the only one that comes with a silicone 'O'ring as opposed to some aftermarket units coming with no, or a viton (sp) 'O'ring.
The viton rings tend to get brittle.......I have not seen any cause a leak though.

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