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I put this in the wrong sub forum... but you can blame that on the page's super slow loading times! the page shifted last second when I was clicking the link=p

I just thought of something and I want to know if any of you think this is possible.

My 2011 A/T jerks into 4th gear sometimes really bad as if the clutch timing is off. It always happens after I stop the car/shut off engine for a few minutes and then get back on the road. It never happens after an over night park.

My question is:

I know transmissions have all sorts of synch timing gears and all that.

Is it possible that there is a soft reset and a hard reset for these synchs? I'm wonder if my soft reset is messed up? and then after the car is sitting for a long time it hard resets.

Is this at all possible? I know there is some sort of software in the car that controls the transmission, maybe it needs to be reprogrammed.

*edit i just thought of something that I will test, I go through phases where I use the manumatic mode a lot, and due to it being designed stupid I use the trick where I start off in 2nd gear usually. I wonder if doing this is throwing something off after coming to a stop and shutting off the engine is leaving something out of whack. Then when I get back on the road I get that nasty shift and then it synchs back up after that first bad shift.

I'm going to test it over the next few days.
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