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Quick impression is it's a lot better than I expected. Better bill of materials for interior finish, and an engaging slew of infotainment.
It's SWMBO's daily driver, so we'll see how she takes to it. She read about the 5 star NHTSA rating and asked me to scour the internet for the perfect ride.
Let's see if I delivered.

Did you run a CarFax or AutoChek and see why it was lemon lawed. Typically, there are /is a specific issue like a trans or engine that the owner believes can not be resolved and the dealer/manufacturer is unable to resolve. It must not have been " safety" related or they would not permit the resale.

For or you current owners, can you think of any specific recurring issues that would lemon law a 2014 Cruze??

As far as the title goes, Oregon will be required to title it with the same title issue as PA. ( Aka Lemon buy back; salvage title; rebuilt etc.). The days of washing the title in a different state are over where they used to take all the old flood cars that were coming in from down south and elsewhere and then being retitled in those states where they could wash it.
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