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Hi and Thank You!

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Hi guys,

Australian living and working in Dubai.

Just bought a 2013 Cruze LS Automatic as a second car, basically because we got it for a bargain from somebody leaving Dubai to return home (happens a lot) needing to get rid of it.

Inherited a few small problems with it, but with what I paid for it, was happy to do some work on it.

Going through this forum, I did the following:

Oil change, all filters (not fuel obviously) change, new spark plugs, trans fluid, coolant flush, rear drum brake adjust.

I took it to a garage for wheel balance and alignment.

All parts were AC Delco from the local GM dealer. In total I spent $170 and a couple of half days of my time.

All I can say is WOW! This little beast is now a different car. What an astonishing difference.

I cannot thank this community enough.

I intend to give something back as I've ordered an aftermarket stereo, and will document my progress in a post once it arrives.

Thanks again.
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Welcome! As you probably figured out most problems with these cars we have experienced or diagnosed and typically simple maintenance/changes takes care of most of it glad we could help. Sounds like you are planning on keeping her!

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Welcome and congratulations.
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