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Hi Everybody!

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Just found this forum and had to sign up! I have had my 2014 Chevy Cruze LS for 8 months now and I love it. It is totally stock right now, but I have lots of projects in mind. So be prepared for lots of questions! I'm a 22 year old Junior in college so right now I am going to be mostly looking for cheap fun projects. Definitely always going to be looking to get my hands on some LT or LTZ wheels for my baby though, because I hate hubcaps! Haha

Ps. I am a forum newbie in general so sorry if my posts are weird!
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Welcome to the forum! I too am budget limited on my projects or my Cruze would be quite ridiculous. But I agree, hubcaps are no good, I'm sure you will be able to find someone on here with an LT or LTZ who is selling their wheels, I think I've seen a few similar deals go on. What color is your car? This forum is full of great information, ideas, and knowledgeable folks. We also love pictures here! Glad to hear you love the car, I know I love mine!
Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome. If you want weird, read some of Brian v's posts. :)
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At least steel wheels are sturdy!!

Welcome Welcome to CT!! :eek:ccasion14:
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