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Hi from mexico. Getting a new cruze

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Hi im from mexico and im going to get a cruze new model (2016), i've searched a lot of this car, and diferences between mexican and us model.

First of all, sorry for my english, :)
We dont get the Rs package, only LS, LS automatic, LT automatic and premier automatic. In getting the last option.

In our premier model we dont get all interesting stuff that you get, for example, we have reverse camera but no reverse sensors, so we cant get the backup assist, blind spot and other similar features.
No cromatic mirror, no electric seat, no rear heated seats. And some other minor stuff like the rear spoiler

I also noticed that in our mexican model built in ramos arizpe, the foglamps are different. Well, i like it more than the us model ;)

This is the car that im going to get.

I would like to hear your opinions and questions
Thanks in advance
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welcome to the forum that is the same color of mine. mine is the 2lt I love the new body style wish i got the fog lights. hope you get it soon.
Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your Cruze :)
Welcome to CruzeTalk.
Welcome to the forum!
Welcome on board! Thanks for joining us. This forum really is a ton of help. With a little bit of research you can find an answer to all your questions. Have fun surfing around!
Welcome! Thats a great looking car. Congrats on getting a new Cruze.
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Thanks everyone. :)

im kinda sad because i noticed other changes that chevrolet has made to our model. This include the gearshift location, cupholders, bezel, charger, handbrake/foot brake. Still looks great, but i wanted to have the design of the US car.
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