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Hi from the Deep South

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Hello all,
I'm an old wrench from the 60's.
My 1st auto engine to tear down was a 1948 Flathead Ford from a Woody Wagon, when I took it to the salvage yard, it weighed Waaaay more than 2 Chevy 400 sb V8's !

I've gone through Automotive High School and the Auto Tech School afterward.
My early years included wrenching at a Lawnmower Shop and Chainsaw Shop, finally to a Datsun/Dodge dealership as a wrench.

When our dealership went under in "74, I spend my last paycheck on Datsun parts.
I'd work "at-your-house" and do anything from a tune-up to a head gasket..and had quite a following for years.

I'm probably one of the few with a "Portable" Air/Fuel Ratio Meter to tune carburetors "on the fly.
I had a following for being "Carburetor-Man" for years, the Quadrajet and Japanese Carbs being my specialties.
[anyone can build a Holley or Carter]:)

My local hero was an old guy at a Auto Machine Shop, he showed me many tips how to go fast w/o aftermarket parts. [Smokey Yunick is my ultimate engine design hero, that's another story]

My main success has been making "sleepers" using stock looking engines, cast iron exh. manifolds, smooth idle, etc, all this was before Nitrous. 40 years later, someone told my pa-in-law that I "could build a H*** of a Motor" [minor exaggeration]

Before Deer were forced to the road by lack of Forrest AND few cars on the road, speeds over 150+mph were not unheard of, 120-130 were almost daily speeds,
Today, with Deer and too many other cars, this will = Death and or Quadriplegic for everyone in the vicinity !

I spent 33 years at a Electric Power Generation plant, 30 of which were in the Toolroom/Storeroom.
During that time, I repaired many types of machinery, hand tools, elec tools, air tools, and fabrication of specialty parts.
My specialty was proficient the integrations of items not originally intended for that particular usage. [Use what ya got]

I was the Senior man in the Toolroom, even though I was a "working" hand, many Engrs, Mgrs, Supv, and workers would come to me as I could usually overcome hard problems or know how/who to find for an answer..
Caring Helps, many do Not !

I know most fastener usages, and retention tricks.
[on Steel Bolts, count the marks, add 2 for the grade, no marks=Grade 2 which is the poorest grade with No load ratings]

Stainless Bolts will have either the number on the head OR 2-Raised Slash Marks @ a 90% angle.
I know how remove galled stainless fittings or SS bolts.

I've studied ways of Heat-Treating tools, such as chisels, punches, scrapers, drum cutters etc..

I can suggest "alternative" methods of drilling hard/crystallized metals,[when nothing else works] and removing titanium pop-rivets

Correct methods for drilling, cutting, machining, proper bit type, speed & feed, proper cooling etc, can be obtained from Machinery's Handbook 28th Edition.
Sources are your local technical college for about $75 or at Amazon for a bit more.
For $18~ there's a paperback Machinery's Handbook Pocket Companion, good for the toolbox.

Among the standard things you'd expect are "oddities" like weights of metals etc, Very important when lifting unmarked loads.
1-cu/ft Dry-Oak = 40#~
1-cu/ft Steel = 600#~
1-cu/ft Lead = 850#~
1-cu/ft Gold = 1200#~

I'll limit the drivel with a few of my favorite vehicles from present to past.
96 Yukon 4x4, 350 Vortec, 18~mpg @ 75+ mph
94 GMC Sierra GT, Ext Cab, Great Driver, looks good, just ok economy.
92 Buick Roadmaster Wagon, 9-passenger [jet-skiing trips make this a fine transport]
90 Corvette, Red/Red, 350 TPI, spent about 140hr detailing and now take it to car shows
82 Buick Electra Estate S/W, 5.7 Diesel, injector pump w/SS ring and 1 deg adv timing, fast top speed, maybe 125 or more
84 Corvette, Blue, Cross-Ram TBI, 360-degree spins, slides all very easy, way before the current trend of drifting.
75 Chevy Monza 2+2, V-8, 4-sp, GM Exec's car, leather, 2:73 axle, nearly 120 in 3rd, then slam when you hit 4th
[a Ga State Trooper told my pal, "it would accelerate FROM 100mph faster than any other car I've ever seen] He DID catch me
72 Datsun 1200, put a "70 head on it[heart-shaped-chambers]shimmed the valves with about .040" shims, installed monster jets till the ceramic turned correct color.. Engine had 198# Compression, sounded like a Quadrajet carb when slammed, many v-8 cars put to shame with it.
68 Chevy Impala, Red, 327 stick shift, installed Distributor Curve Kit, Jets from the rear of a 455 Olds Q-Jet, Flipped Breather, Timing initial advance @30 degrees~
Police cars of the year had same speedo with 140 and a space, mine had same with 120 and a space for 130 & 140
Starting at 75-80, it would totally bury the speedo in a half mile run, ran the same 1/4 mi as 69- 351 Mach 1's

66 Plymouth Fury III, Dad's car.
1st week of driving, tried to elude the police, they ran after me for about 5-6 miles, caught the little 318 with the Ford 428, the Ford was puking out the overflow when they stopped me.. Only got a speeding ticket out of the deal.

I don't pretend to be an expert at anything,
I do know some tricks from OTJ [on-the-job] experience and Listening to others who are experts in their field.

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