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I just need to vent. My Cruze is dead again. It's one thing after the other. This car has been a money pit. I wish I had bought an old 90's Toyota and rehabbed it instead of a brand new off the lot Chevy Cruze. I have put near $30k into the car. Never buying a Chevy Again.

That is all
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Welcome Aboard!(y)

Sounds like you had others diagnose and repair and spent too much on the wrong repairs. Spend some time here, create your own build thread, ask questions and get your hands diry and save a ton of money to boot.
Yes, hard to find people who fix issues completely. It's as if you fix one thing and 9 things go wrong three months later...This is a 馃崑 year car. I get my hands dirty enough. I have zero help, just YouTube. I have taken the dash apart with helpfrom fire men-kitten behind my monitor for 8 hours in August. Mostly put it back together (fxn clips!!!) replaced battery myself, pulled rats nests out of my air system, acorns, pine needles and firewall from another vehicle out of every inch under the **** bonnet. I've diagnosed (by using YouTube and a Reader) figure out things like seal leaks, when I needed new coil and plugs. Took the time to understand actuators and how electrical signals convert to mechanical actions. I'm not totally stupid about cars but until I got The Cruze I didn't need to know near as much, because I drove Japanese cars mostly. I just never had a vehicle with so much electrical and so much go shitstorm chaos on me.
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How is the current issue going? What year and engine do you have?
It's a 2013 4-liter turbo 1.8 馃崑with aftermarket water pump and entire cooling system just about has been replaced, new hood, new front end, new bumper. It has decided to eat batteries. And I can't figure out how to get my glove box reinstalled. It just hates me.
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