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Hid install?

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12 cruze ls 1.8.
I got my kit and my harness and ive installed HIDS on my old cruze and afew other vehicals but they where BI. xenon, i didnt like the highs with those soo in my new cruze i got some low zenon and high halogen bulbs to see if i like them better. Now onto the question, i get the bulbs and they have the 2 prong connecter and two singles to balast like normal and then a 3 prong (female) that looks to run the highs on both bulbs ? On my harness i have again the 3 prong also female and on the other end the little plug that i belive runs the highs on bi bulbs. how the heck do i hook these things up?? Thinking ill have to cut the plugs off both bulb and harness and hook toghther or am i mistaken?
Thabk you in advance!!
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Ctfu should have been posted in the stupid questions section! Lol mod delete this post if ya want. I figured out how it works after thinking about it for awhile lol.
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