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Oil in the inlet is normal if it's coming out of the small tube.

If you have oil under the throttle body hose, that is indicative of the PCV check valve in the intake manifold that has gone missing. All kinds of info about that here (just search PCV system).

I seriously doubt your turbo is about to fail, and there is no extended warranty on the turbocharger. It is covered under the 5 yr/100k powertrain warranty.
Okay so answer me this how do I know if my turbo failed or my PCV valve failed. Oil is getting into my exhaust and my car won't accelerate past 40. I was TOLD it was my PCV or my EGR.. the problem? 1) I keep looking up where the PCV valve is but all it keeps coming back to is that too cover with the PCV diaphragm and I took that off and it's completely fine. 2) I'm pretty sure the EGR only exists in the diesel? (Correct me if I'm wrong) so if I can find these let me know where. Otherwise I'm pretty sure it's the turbo because when I try to accelerate past 40 my car sounds like a siren.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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