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High levels of oil on cylinder heads

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Hey, so there seems to me too much oil on cylinder heads. It's to the point where it's starting to drench the spark plugs. Any recommendations?? Have a picture if text doesn't make sense
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Do you mean the spark plug wells are filling with oil?
Yeah, my b on wording don't really know how to describe it. Yesterday there was pretty bad engine knock and bad oil debris all over the alternator. Is there a seal in that back passenger side of the engine?
The good news is the oil in the spark plug well is from a bad valve cover gasket. This is an easy fix, just replace the valve cover.

I'd assume the oil on the alternator is from the crank shaft seal. The crank shaft seal usually lasts forever unless the PCV system fails or the motor oil isn't changed.
Oh okay, thank you bro. I've replaced a PCV hose thinking nothing is going to happen to the crank seal. I assume that was wrong lmao. Would all of that as well clear up the engine knock?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts