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High Mileage Badges

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We have a new series of badges for those members who spend waaay too much time in their driver's seat. These badges start at 100,000 miles and then increment every 50,000 miles to 500,000 miles. Above 500,000 miles we'll increment every 100,000 miles. The current badges are:

100,000 miles / 161,000 Km
150,000 miles / 241,000 Km
200,000 miles / 322,000 Km
250,000 miles / 402,000 Km
300,000 miles / 483,000 Km
350,000 miles / 563,000 Km
400,000 miles / 644,000 Km
450,000 miles / 724,000 Km
500,000 miles / 805,000 Km

The Kilometers are rounded to the nearest thousand. The badge is in miles.

To get one of these post a picture of your master odometer. You'll only have one at a time so when you reach the next badge we'll swap in the new badge for you.
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3000km away from the big 200k miles should be there by june.
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I did it.

200k miles on the dot.
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That's a colorful instrument cluster.
Sure is lol. All 4 wheel position sensors are bad and the way the stabili kill system works I could care less as every time I go to throttle out to do what I need to do it dam near kills me. I also disconnected the power lead to the power steering cuase I don't like how twitchy it is with power on. last week the cel was on over a ground strap issue. And occasionally the parking break light will illuminate to join in on the party

Now I got a timing belt warning, god f'ing technology. Every year it gets worse with new cars.
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