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So I took my aunt out shopping for a new car today. She had been rocking a 2003 Impala for the past 14 years, and thanks to the salt, it was time for a new ride. Cruzes and Malibus was the selection of the day, and we hit the road to find a willing GM dealer to sell us one we liked.

So we found a 2014 Cruze LT, 1.4L turbo, with only 10k miles, and the guy was asking $15,500. Not bad, I said, but what if we offered you $15,000 out the door? After a little negotiating, they had her write a check for $15,200 exactly, and they threw in 4 oil changes. All in all, the car cost $13,900, and the rest was Minnesota's glorious sales taxes.

We're in the finance department, signing the last of the papers. The finance guy looks at her and says, "Your bumper to bumper from GM expires in 1 month, and the powertrain has 18 months left on it. How do you feel about extending it?" We politely declined, citing the existing GM warranty. He responds: "Nothing important is covered by the powertrain warranty. Everything today is computers, and those are what's really expensive."

I inquired further, to see just how stupid he thinks I am to swallow this pack of lies. His prices: $14,000 for a new TCM, $9,000 for a new ECM, and even the shocks are at $5,000 in his imaginary world. What a joke. I've never heard that amount of BS in one sentence from a car guy before. If my aunt wasn't there, I would have lit his sorry ass up. After we closed the deal, I pulled the salesman aside and told him what happened... he was shocked at how absurd that quack was.
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Finance people in dealerships are all thieves. Even the ones in otherwise reputable dealerships.
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