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"Hill Hold" feature

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I searched through the owners manual (357 pages) and did not find mention of this feature, but on my Gen 2 LT RS Manual Cruze if I'm stopped on a steep enough hill, when I engage the clutch and let off the brake the car holds itself still for about 1 full second before rolling backwards, I presume to assist drivers with not rolling backwards when starting out on hills. Has anyone else noticed this feature? I wonder why I couldn't find any talk about it in the manual?
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They did it on the Sonic for years. Delayed release on the brakes.

I actually didn't know the new Cruze had it. They put almost 0 effort into promoting any features of the manual - they've even got the gear ratios wrong in their media documentation from what you told me before!

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It's called a handbrake in the Cruze. :) If "hill hold" is there it's certainly not documented.
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