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OK - here's what I would do at this point then:

Brake fluid replacement - every 30K/3 years
ATF fluid replacement - put in the AMSOil fluid every 45K
Oil Change if needed
Cabin Air filter (once a year DIY)
Tire rotation/balancing if needed

Only do an alignment if the car is pulling to one side or the other and after you balance/rotate the tires and ensure they're all at the same PSI.

A lot of places will try to hit you for a lot of services that you don't need. To avoid this download the 2015 Cruze manual and look at use the severe service schedule in the back.
The Signature Series ATF from AMSOIL is rated for 2x severe service in all vehicles, including trucks that do constant towing. The interval would be 90k miles for the AMSOIL Signature Series ATF, but 45k miles if using the AMSOIL OE ATF.

I would also recommend considering the replacement of the turbo oil feed line as preventive maintenance as it seems they start leaking at 50k miles.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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