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Hmmmm Dealer kinda messed up.

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So about a year and a half ago i cracked my fly wheel on my 2012 1.4t. I brought it to the dealer and had it repaired under waranty. While getting it replaced They installed a new clutch for me. After getting the car back, the tranny was still making odd noises. The tech and manager assured me it was fine so i just dealt with it. Now fast forward to last weekend. I was approaching 100k and decided i was going to change the transmission fluid. as i was draining the odd fluid out i was suprised as to how much fluid was actually in the tranny. Once i was done with the job I was curious to see how much actual fluid had been in there. i drained the fluid into the empty bottle of fluid, and it seems the the techs at the dealership only felt the need to put .75 quarts of fluid into the transmission. Now, with the right about of fluid in my transmission the tranny doesnt make any noises what to ever. and is shifting alot better....... rant over.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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