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Holden Cruze Eats Fuel

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Hi guys

So, recently purchased Holden Cruze 2012 SRi-V JH Series II, 1.4L turbo petrol, second hand.

It's advertised to have a combined fuel economy of 6.9L/100km (34mpg)

However, it's currently running at 10L/100km

The car itself drives smooth (except when shifting gears - details will be in another thread), no misfiring (that I can hear), pinging, knocking, etc.

Wheels are pumped to the right pressure, brakes aren't dragging, I mostly do highway/freeway drives, which range from 70km/h to 100km/h (44mph to 60mph).

Been like that since the day I got it.

Any ideas what I can diagnose to see what could be causing it to eat so much fuel?

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I sell and use on my own car a lot of the Liquid Moly additives :) check out there website that have really good quality items. I used it on my boyfriend Dodge Avenger which eats fuel like Sunday dinner and he even noticed a difference of the fuel consumption.
Sorry for the late update

Will consider the additional additives as a last resort once I've done the basics

Finally got the service done
A lot of problems

Broken bits inside the sump or whatever it's called.
New timing chain
Fixed the leaks and water pump

The car now says its 8.5L/100km (average) but after doing a recent refill, it was still really 10L/100km
Stupid computer giving me false hope lol

Going back to the battery situation, how big should the battery be for this car?
Had a look and it's currently 95 RC 520 CCA

Mechanic commented it looked small, but don't know if it's too spec and just a compact battery, or currently underpowered
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