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...yes & no! Yes, it looks identical to the Eco badge; but, no, it's actually the Holden SIDI "injection" badge.
Welcome aboard SRi. I'd be interested to know what you think about the 1.4 after it is run in. I swayed between it and a diesel and ended up going with the new series II 120kw 360nm diesel after driving one!

70AARCUDA the rectangular green thingy at the start of the badge is the Holden Eco signature, I have the same green thing at the start of my badge, the difference is mine is diesel and the other is a 1.4 ITI. Holden put it on all their "Eco" family engined models.

This is what mine looks like, sorry about the bad quality, it is taken in poor light with my crappy phone, but is shows the Eco sig bit OK. Is that the same as you guys have??

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