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Holden Cruze SRI lowered with Pedders Sports Rider Spings

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Just had my new cruze lowered with Pedders springs and boy does it make a difference to the look and handling of the car.
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Very nice! I wonder if they ship to the US?
Looks great! Are those stock rims? What size are they?
I would love to have that front bumper cover for my cruze, way more aggressive looking than either the standard US cover or the RS pkg.
Looks good. How much drop do the springs give. Looks like it's less than the Eibachs and the B&Gs. Frankly, it doesn't look much lower than my stock ECO.
Looks great! Are those stock rims? What size are they?
I was thinking the same thing; I like the Holden 16" wheels better than the Chevy 16" wheels (if indeed I guessed the size correctly).
They are the Stock SRI rims in Aust and are 17inch
The springs drop the car 35mm and are a lot firmer. I think the US spec cruzes are a little lower than the Aussie ones.
Very nice! I wonder if they ship to the US?
Will get in contact with Pedders Australia and get the info on these, for anyone in the USA/Canada that wants them :) We carry this product line.
Very Nice!
When is eibach releasing their springs for the Cruze?
Ordering the pedders from tonight. Pics will be uploaded as soon as I install the springs on my Cruze.
Sure wish I could get that front end as well!

I also think it looks about the same as my Eco. I heard that the Aussie Cruze has more ground clearance than US versions for "road conditions". Having never been there regrettably, I can't say much, but this is what I've heard...

Anyway, looks sexy!
Boy, I really like the style of the grill much more than ours. The whole front end looks fantastic. Really nice car.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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