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Hole in the firewall.

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Hey guys Im looking fir a hole in the fire wall to get a switch from the lightbar to inside. Been looking everywhere and cant seem to find a hole I can squeeze the wires through

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I squeezed my amplifier power wire through a hole that the main harness goes through, behind the coolant reservoir tank (1.4L engine). It comes out above the pedals on the drivers side (left hand drive car). The main harness in the engine area is covered by a rubber cone that keeps water out of the hole. My amp wire was 0 gauge so it was pretty thick and I had to cut the rubber cone and then seal it back up with a generous amount of electrical tape. I also had to briefly remove the reservoir fasteners to move it out of the way. (I did not have to disconnect any of the coolant hoses, I just had to un-screwed it and rotate it out of the way)
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Yeah i was deciding on that but found a cover nearly dead center that has clips and pops right out. Theres a white arrow on it. Seemed to work

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