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Hose Clamp getting in the some extras....

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Hello all again wanted to ask and address this and see if anyone came across this...any insight would help with my issues...or worries...I bought Pepe first of Dec...When I picked up delivery the first thing, I got into car to drive it off lot and the check engine light popped on...they just filled up the tank ...they took it right in and reset the Purge Valve? What is that?.....I knew it was a rental car and when I got delivery the dealership did a horrible detail job (car reeked of smoke and I smoke btw) I (use to work for a big dealership) said I will go thro and do the car myself (delivery experience sucked didn't know about onstar or sat radio) anyways...took it home ( always at night due to my schedule..looking at car..picking up..everything done in dark...) looked over the cruze myself....1.anitfreeze smell a whif outside of car. (looked it up...relized why and mine was normal)..checked the oil (26 percent life left they delivered the car) ...whatever (service sucks I rationalized)...oil was horrible!!!...changed the oil (first time w that kind of cartridge filter)..NOW HERE IT IS...went to take the top off oil filter cap and could not just pull it straight out...there is a hose clamp and the edge of it catches the lip of the oil filter cap...I have to physically and with a tad bit of force push the hose so slip the top off...and the squeeze clamp was hard to grip and adjust. (im going somewhere with this promise) I took it in to dealer about the turbo/ or something sqeaking ..the front brakes chirp when u apply them..and adjust clamp..

Dealer clean brake dust off back drums (why? its the front!)..turbo operating within design..(ok I got 60k for to reer it ugly head if it is that)...then the fight on how I was taking the oil cap off...wouldn't adjust clamp for me (just a mili inch) and wanted to get into argument on the angle off attack that I was accessing the cap...don't matter once cap was loose and off it wouldn't just come out..the clamp was hitting the lip of cap......3 days in shop to fix pealing paint driver side door about 2 feet long....had car2 weeks n went in to fix paint...they sent it off to body shop.3 days no loaner...not even a ride...sorry for rant...anyone else exp..clamp gettn caught on oil filter cap lip?..or birdes in front brakes...(almost sounds like the slider pins needs greased?.)

BTW love this car!
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I would stay at least a mile away from a rental, checked the oil level on several I rented, looked more like black crude fresh out of the ground.

Really don't have to change the oil on these things, just get into the DIC maintenance section, oil life remaining, and push that button at the end of the directional signal lever to reset it back to 100%.

Have no idea what clamp you are referring to on the oil filler cap, you should post a photo.

Of course I know what a purge valve is, part of the emissions evaporative control system. Normally stays open between the fuel tank and the carbon canister that is suppose to collect gas fumes. When the ECU gets bored, closes that purge valve, and opens a vent valve to suck those fumes back into the intake manifold. Will generate a code if that purge valve won't close, vent valve won't open, or if a pressure sensor in the tank won't go to negative pressure about an inch or so of Hg.

Most common problem if forgetting to replace the fuel filler cap, can't draw a vacuum with a wide open space like that. Is an EPA requirement and was fairly troublefree when the purge valve and carbon canister was mounted high on the firewall in the engine compartment.

But some idiot and GM decided to mount the canister and purge valve at the rear of the fuel tank where its exposed to road salt, street puddles, dust from roads, so it has become a major problem that never existed before.

Cruze is also monitoring the vacuum in the crankcase, that also covers the camshaft cover, all open on the inside. So alos will set a code if the dipstick is not pushed down or the oil filler cap is not installed. Maybe a reason why someone installed some kind of clamp on the oil filler cap. Whatever it is, shouldn't be there.

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Grease the slides on the front brake calipers - that's what causes the chirp.

Never had an issue getting my filter cap out besides the awkward angle to get a wrench down in there. I keep forgetting to buy a longer extension.

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A picture of the general area, and one highlighting the specific issue you're having would help tremendously.
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