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Can see one advantage of Photobucket, posting as a URL so not using up this site memory, see they have a fee, but how do you find this before signing up?

Wife after dropping her iphone signed up for itunes for 99 cents per month. She lost all of her photos. Now whether she can post photos from itunes with a URL, that is a good question. iphones and itunes is a language from a different world for me.

All I know about itunes, you have to type in your users name and password to get in, she typed in the wrong password and was blocked, asked me what to do, I don't know, call Apple, she was on the phone for a half an hour with some tech to get her itunes unblocked. After waiting another half an hour to talk to one.
They do have a free plan, it is 10GB, which is plenty. I have a long way to go before using all that up.

Yeah, that iTunes stuff is complicated. Windows phone for the win! Ha ha
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