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Wife said the passenger seat was very uncomfortable when we first drove our 2012 Cruze 2LT home. Was as far down as it could go and the seat back was far forward. I just pumped it up and set the back one notch back, she has been happy ever since.

2012 Manual shows this.

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With that that 4th adjustment lever for just raising or lowering just the front of the seat. Manual only says some cars have this 4th tilt adjustment, I have yet to see one on any Cruze, our 2LT doesn't have it.

It does have the driver's power seat with the tilt adjustment, I have that set as high as the front of the seat will go, the passenger seat is at that same angle.

As opposed to our 04 Cavalier, can only move the passenger seat forward or back, or recline the back of the seat. That height adjustment is one step from the Cruze. Really haven't made careful measurements on the passenger seat, just seems the higher you pump it up, the more backward angle that seat has.
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