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I just got rid of the factory Firestones at 57,000 miles. The shop used what appears to be coated balance points on the outside of the tire. I realize I only have a 1LT standard rim, but I'm picky and these left marks.

I asked about using sticky weights on the inside, instead of on the outside of the rim, and he mentioned they often fall off, and cause uneven wear. Often you won't feel it, but as the tire ages you'll see wear.

I know I'm being picky, and it's just a car, but Sams Club, (Yes I chose Sams Club because the team there is careful, as careful as any standard tire shop. Ok they don't have a road force Balancer, but then I'm not spending $100 to balance GM standard Cruze rims..)

I'm concerned that after these rims go through 3-4 sets of balancing points, there will be corrosion on the aluminum where the old points are removed. I can see scratches from the factory balance points already.

The installer tells me that points are no longer made of lead, and the corrosion that used to occur with early alloy's with lead weights shouldn't occur. Any truth to this?

Sams will balance at every rotation, and typically I get 8-10 rotations easy on a set of tires. Anything I can buy to either touch up the scratches, or prevent these from happening?

Go ahead, poke fun of me.. Carbon02's baby is scratched. First time some else has touched it other than a front strut bearing mount when the car had 300 miles. So ok I'm not used to shop touching it, but I'm not going to manually balance tires either!
My 1LT wheels only ever had sticky weights inside, shops never even tried to put regular outer edge ones on. Just request sticky weights, they have them and use them all the time, tell them you understand they may fall off, but that you'd like them anyways (next time you go in, to prevent more marks).
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