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The stick on type work just fine as long as the rim surface is cleaned and prepared.
Although the weights don't start the corrosion process, the fact that they nick the clearcoat off the rim is the real culprit.
Once nicked, the weight holds debris and corrosives against the, now raw, aluminum.

True, btw, the weights are no longer lead.....they are zinc and to get the same results more are required.
However, the clip part of the weight is still steel....coated...but its coating chips off on the rim side when installed. Now there is a ferrous metal (the weight clip) against a non-ferrous rim (aluminum). The reaction that occurs is you seeing electrolysis taking place.

IMO, have them rebalanced with stick ons. Then, plan on touching up the clearcoat to stop corrosion from forming at the chips that were made during the weight install.

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