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Hmmm that is a pickle indeed. Still not sure what year yours is and how that would impact wiring. I was about to suggest one of those jump pack boxes for temporary power (I bought the little lithium ion almost pocket sized one from harbor freight and I love it, amazing how easily it can start a car) but sounds like you've already tried power in the traditional sense and hit a dead end.

I know on most cars I've been in the seats are a constantly powered up item so you probably don't have much to risk by trying to jump 12v power to the fuse panel on that particular circuit.

Of course I'm also thinking of ways you could get that seat out without needing power. For example is the bottom of the bolt visible from under the car? If so you might be able to back them out with a big pair of vice grips from underneath (and probably count on using your original bolts to install afterwards)
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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