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How LOC works?

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Hi everybody!.

How LOC (Line out converter) works?

I want to add a poweramp + subwoofer to my Cruze 2012. So I need a LOC

But.. If I turn off the "bass" in the radio.. I mean.. If I turn bass to -12 to filter the low kick from my stock speakers... Whats happens with the subwoofer?

ps: I'm apologize because my english is horrible :)

Thanks a lot!
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You will eliminate all of those low end frequencies . Therefore your Amp will not be getting those signals to replicate ..

An LOC is necessary when you need to reduce the strength of the frequencies ( signals ) from the Head Unit to an Amp to be Amplified .
There are Amps that are capable of recieving high pass signals .

There is also Frequency to noise ratios to consider ..some Loc 's filter unwanted noise for a clear signal to an amp ..

Some LOC's are designed for ease of installation enabling RCA out and in ..

You have a bit of research to fullfill .
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