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How long will I be able to listen?

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I am planning on going to the drive-in this weekend with my Cruze. This drive in has a radio station dedicated for the movie so I plan on using my radio for the audio. I also would like to have the AC going a little bit so it doesn't get stuffy. I would just have the windows down but here in MN not smart to do unless you like getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

So my question is how long will my battery last with both the radio and AC on? Will I be planning on starting the car to keep that battery charged?
In case it makes a difference, I have the Premiere audio with Pioneer..

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The radio on would be a pretty minor draw on the battery but the blower would really suck the juice. I live in MN too and those mosquitos are bad stuff. Spray really does nothing and they will eat you alive. If you are really set on the drive in you could try to pick up some fabric screen from the home depot and put it over the windows then you could leave them open lol. If you draped the screen across the door and closed it the only seam would be at the bottom where it hits the door panel. The door seal would hold the other 3 sides. Just an idea, either that or go to an inside movie lol. I know the drive in is an experience in itself though.
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