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How long will I be able to listen?

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I am planning on going to the drive-in this weekend with my Cruze. This drive in has a radio station dedicated for the movie so I plan on using my radio for the audio. I also would like to have the AC going a little bit so it doesn't get stuffy. I would just have the windows down but here in MN not smart to do unless you like getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

So my question is how long will my battery last with both the radio and AC on? Will I be planning on starting the car to keep that battery charged?
In case it makes a difference, I have the Premiere audio with Pioneer..

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In order to use the A/C you'll have to have the engine running. The A/C compressor is driven by the engine's drive belt/chain.
Ahh That is some helpful advice, did not know that. Is that on all cars?
Yes this drive in has its own speakers you use if you choose, but for one most of them are in very poor condition, and 2 using them in the car lets the mosquitoes in. I have kept my car completely bug free for this long and don't wish to have an invasion of them there. What happened to cars being able to play the radio for over two hours with no problem? I remember going to parties and for music we'd just have someone open up their car that had a decent sound system set up, and it would go off the battery for 2 hours or so then they'd start it up to keep the battery charged.

I'd rather just lay outside and watch the movie, but this place doesn't spray to get rid of mosquitoes and on nights like it is supposed to be this weekend, they can be pretty thick out there, and bug sprays really don't affect them.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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