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How many hose clamps did you find under-tightened on your Diesel intake?

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How Many Under-tightened Diesel Intake Clamps

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On the intake of the Diesel, there are 5 hose clamps holding together the various pieces between the air filter and the entrance to the turbo. These are the type that use a flat head screw to tighten them around the tube. When I checked mine tonight while changing my air filters, I discovered that 3 of the 5 were under-tightened--two of them so loose I could turn the screws by hand without a screwdriver. As un-metered air entering the intake has been proposed as a contributing factor to the sensor failures that some of us have experienced, this is something we should all probably check, along with visually inspecting for areas that could be drawing air. I would like as many Diesel owners as possible to check their hose clamps and report in the poll above how many were under-tightened. If you had any under-tightened clamps, post the age and mileage of your vehicle below. (2 years, 46,000 miles for me.
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I'll look at mine. Would be a great thing to check
Anybody with a newer build (January 2014+) have any loose clamps?
None that I know of but then again I'm a horrible mechanic. 20000 km and only the dealer has lifted the hood. You'd think being a mechanic I'd want to check out my own car but no as long as I don't have to pay for service I reefuse to go near it!!!
That's me!!! I'm an electrician but for 6 years I worked at my dad's shop. I open the hood only to top up windshield wash and sometimes just to see what it looks like under there.
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Checked mine. 1 needed about 3 turns. The rest were good.
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