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So, I waited until about 30% remaining until I filled my diesel emissions fluid tank for the first time hoping that two and a half gallons would fit and I wouldn't have to use too much of another container to top up if any at all. After all, two and a half gallons out of a 3.8 gallon tank is 34% roughly so I figured I'd be well clear. However, I still have about 16 to 20 oz of diesel emissions fluid remaining. Has anyone come up with a good number when they decide to fill their diesel emissions fluid tank? I'm not trying to hit it perfect every time I'm just trying to avoid having a container with 16oz is left in it.

Side note, it took about 2500 miles before I hit that 30%. Of course that's assuming the dealer topped it off when I bought it.

2017 AT Sedan
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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