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How much 'Myth-Busting' will the Chevy Cruze Diesel need?

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Personally, I think there is some pent-up demand for modern small diesels in the U.S. But here's another opinion that Americans will need some "myth busting" on diesels:

How difficult will it be for GM to convince people unfamiliar with modern diesel engines to make a switch from gasoline to diesel?
Our conclusion? It could be as tough as convincing most Americans to switch to plug-in or hybrid cars. Here's why:

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How Much Myth-Busting Will The Chevy Cruze Diesel Need?

Chevrolet Cruze 2.0 VCDi turbodiesel (Europe)
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Is it? Alot of people tune their engines and that reaquires Hi octane which cost about the same as diesel also. For the avg joe that uses regular it might be some teeth gritting. Something to "mull" over as well as the improved MPG.

Gonna be a tough sell when diesel is so expensive compared to regular gas.

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diesel fuel should cost LESS than gas as it is less refined...
up untill the wars in iraq and afganistan it was cheaper, the military uses so much over seas, it has raised demand...
Yes, it needs less refining, but also there's less fuel created per gallon of oil than gas. Add that to other factors (supply/demand, cost of additives, efficiency hits from smog equipment, etc) and it becomes very cloudy as which fuel is actually cheaper to produce and run. Then add in taxes, restrictions, etc and it goes from very cloudy to down right mind bending. I would love to read some actual factual information that's not bias or misleading, but I wouldn't even know where to start.

Unless they offered a Cruze Diesel with a big towing package. Now that would be something...
hehehehe..... I would hope that the towing package includes gearing, braking, and suspension upgrades.
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