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I hate to be "that guy", but I am.

I do not trust 99% of the countermonkeys out there to handle my brake rotors let alone dig a carbide bit carelessly into it.

Most are using Aamco or Accu-turn lathes, which are okay machines, but they are pretty low end models for those manufacturers. Most never see the slow drive speed. Cut 'em fast, cut 'em deep, chuck 'em on the counter.

One of the shops I worked at had an on car lathe. We had a real low comeback rate for rotors cut on car. But it was kinda' limited on arbor speed and cut rate.

We also had another lathe. Old machine. I forgot the manufacturer but it had the same size arbor as a standard Aamco so you could use modern Aamco adapters. You could vary the arbor speed and cut rate a lot more than the two settings most lathes have. It was backwards so it took some time to get used to but it made beautifully turned rotors
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