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How-To: 1.4L Gen 1 front crankshaft seal replacement

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I just replaced my crankshaft seal and made a video of the whole process. I looked around for other videos but the best one never showed any of the work, just a couple progress points in time with no visual of the removal or insertion of the seal itself. So I wanted to make something that would show someone everything.

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Yeah, sorry, it fixed it. Haven't had that chirp sound come back at all.
Did you have issue lining up the pulley with the hexagon ring inside the motor when reenistalling the pulley
I didn't, but a few others have. There is a plate that moves loosely and drives the oil pump. It's "looseness" is normal. You might have to use something like a skinny flatblade to lift it and make way for the balancer shaft to be reinserted. The plate is driving by the shaft which in turn drives the oil pump.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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