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I drive my cuze 400 miles each way to work...Im there for a week, then drive home 400 miles for a week off, rinse, repeat. Have recently been diagnosed with Lumbar Osteophytes (lower back pain) so needed some lumbar support. There's plenty of options out there, I went Car, Truck and SUV Lumbar Support System by Rostra Model 250-1453previous alluded to here There's talk aboot a group buy and such, but group buys are hardly ever valid for us in Canada, and I wanted it NOW and I got it from elsewhere for $10 more than group buy price with a coupon code.

I undid the neg batt cable and the pos batt cable, waited 30 minutes...overkill maybe, but theres lotsa internet debates on this...airbags and such...

Do you need to remove the seat? Dunno....I did...I would be able to install the bladder w/o removing the seat, but feeding the wire under the carpet, not so much...and besides, gives you opportunity to get a vacuum under there...slide seat far up (before undoing battery) and 2 t50 torx bolts with a breaker bar at the back...then lift slide the seat fwd/up...front is hooked into the floor, no bolts.

Sitting in the back looking at the back of the seat....

under the seat are 2 clips...follow the elastic...
lift up the flap and undo the brown clip to the left...undo the long clear/white j-channel both seen hanging at bottom
unzip both sides of the back of the seat...the zipper doesn't have a handle on it, just a hole...I slid a round pokey pick (you know that you get when you buy 117pc screwdriver set and never know what to do with) and zipper went up and down easily.
undo the 4 clips seen on the underside of the upholstery...they clip into the yellow vertical wires.

Air bladder installed and zip tied...note the 2 upper zip ties in this pic I had to remove as the clips for the seat upholstery clip there, tried clipping lower/higher, made the seat back puffy...just slide the bladder under the springs bladder side forward and hose down. The bladder backing is tucked in under the seat frame maybe a 1/4 inch...your placement may vary dependant on your back needs...I put the hose inside some loom and fed it thru a hole on the left where a wire harness is fed thru...the metal in the hole is sharp, and loom is cheap.

Back zipped, clipped and j-channel attached...hose (in loom) run thru, just gotta attach the 2 hanging clips to the underside of the seat which closes the flap seen open here.

Wanted to route the wires under the door sill trim, found a ground under there...used it for hardwiring my dashcam which I did at the same time....door sill trim takes some tugging, but it pops off, wiggle the hood release lever a bit to make it easier. When you lift the seat up, the wiring harness from it goes into a pocket in the floor...there is a flap of carpet that lifts up...I didn't undo any stock seat wiring, didn't need to, but fed the electrical (comes wrapped in loom) for the lumbar into that pocket then under the carpet over to the door sill, of course avoiding the seat rails. For power I used mini fuse tap, tapping into the rear 12v outlet fuse (20A in the dash fuse panel) the lumbar kit is fused 5A...that circuit is switched, but I can't see the time I would need to pump up the seat with the car turned off.

Used a dremel to cut hole for the switch....the instructions come with a paper template you cut out so you make the hole the correct size....I wanted the switch somewhere convenient but out of the way as well....there's some spots on the seat trim that look good from the exterior, but under the seat there's a mess of motors and such, didnt look like a great place to feed a switch thru...especially with a fatso like me sitting on it....I don't advise putting it where I did, cuz its not a flat surface, seat trim is curved, so one side of the switch sticks out a bit...I'll fix it up later with black rtv.

the pump is supposed to be ziptied up under the bottom of the seat....the power seat has zero room for this....I have it tucked up under the front of the seat bottom FOR NOW....the kit harness is aboot 10' too long so Ive got a mess of harness under there, BUT the switch harness is awfully short...on my next days off I will shorten the main harness and extend the wiring for the switch...I think I can hid the pump in the seat back...there is room for it, just the switch wiring isn't long enough to allow that.

It in action

But for now, it feels great and I can live knowing there is a bird's nest under the seat seeing as I did all this in my driveway.


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I literally just got around to installing the lumbar kit to get the group buy finally kicked off. I got the bladder installed and mounted the pump today. Just need to finish running the wiring.

Good call using the rear cigarette lighter plug for the power. I was trying to figure out what I'd use for that.
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