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Hey everyone. This write up is very similar to the stickied thread about adding onto your system without splicing into wires. While I like it, I have one very major change up from it and wanted to share with you all.
I had originally ordered a PAC LOC SOEM-4. It was very cheap and flimsy and I didn't have much confidence in it performing well. Low and behold, it $h!t the bed on me two days ago. So now what to do? I needed to find another way to get RCA outputs from my stock head unit.

Then it dawned on me. The PAC comes with a female to male connector that runs in between your radio and harness. It has 8 wires (4sets) of speaker wire outputs here. So I figured this would be the ideal item to use to add my RCA outputs. I ordered a Rockford fosgate RCA loc on crutchfield. Great little product here. Does the speaker wire to RCA conversion in a product just a hair bigger than a usual RCA cable.

So I grabbed the harness and cable, and 10 minutes later, I'm good to go. Just have to install it now.

I only have pictures of the final product, sorry. But you need to use the grey and white wires from the harness (front left and right). The other two wires (purple and green) can be cut away. These wires are run across the harness, so just cut and tape off the extra hanging wire. Once you solder or crimp on your RCA loc, you're ready. Just run your 16'foot RCA to an amp, and you're bumping along like a king.

If anyone has any questions, let's here em. We are here to help!!

Thanks for reading,

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