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How to buff out scratches on interior?

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Around the shifter on my cruze it has the silver plastic that seems to scratch fairly easy. Very light scratches just from brushing against it. Is there anyway to buff it out or am I stuck with it. My Cruze is a 2015 and it's already looking bad cause of that. I don't vacuum and dust it out as often as I should. Plus I work in construction so it's bound to be dirty often.
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They call that Nova silver. Sony introduced it on its high-end TVs over 15 years ago and then it became all the rage. Even the second gen CTS had it on its centre stack.

FWIW I have scratches in mine as well. No idea what can be done for it.
You can ALWAYS pop it out, buzz it and respray it! That's if you wanted to go that route. Or depending on how bad the scratches actually are....if they aren't too deep, you can pop the piece out.....THEN have it wet sanded and buffed.
Yeah its not worth pulling it out to do that. I'll have to just live with it for now and dust more frequently so it doesn't get bad.
they aren't real expensive if you are popping it off might as well just put a new one on.
To be honest, it a part worth replacing because it is easy to protect once you realize that it can be scratch. I had scratches all over mine and popped it out and replaced it. That was over 2 years ago. The replacement still looks brand new. I simply set rules for that area. I make people aware that it can be scratched easily by rings etc.
I guess I am not the only one, the center console piece on mine has scratches on it as well. How hard is it to snap on the whole silver piece? I think it would look cool if I were to paint it the color of the car to match
Not hard to do especially if you are manual. You got 2 philips screws for the traction and 2 more for PRNDM=/- if auto trans equipt. Vents can be removed multiple ways, being new to it I wouldn't recommend fingers in vents and pull for the 1st time removal. I'd invest in plastic interior pry tools that will come in handy later for stuff like speaker rings off the top of my head.
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