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First we will start off with the materials that are needed for this little project.
  • Spray Adhesive (I suggest Loctite Professional Performance Heavy Weight Bonding 300 Heat).
  • Candle (Yes a candle lol. You’ll see why soon.)
  • Butter Knife
  • Trim Removal Tools
  • 7mm Socket
  • T20 Torx Bit
  • 2 Yards of Fabric
  • Sharp blade (Knife, Xacto Knife, and Razor Blade either of those will work.)
  • Flat head screw driver
  • #8 ½in screws
  • #8 Washers
You will need this link for later.

Now that you have all of the materials that is needed to change the look of your interior let’s get started.

We will start off by getting all the dash panels off first. Reason being is these will take a little bit of time to get done. There are three of these panels. One that houses the vent on the driver’s side, and one that is on the right side of the steering wheel. Then the one that is on the passenger’s side that sits in front of the airbag and houses the passenger air vent. For the two panels on the driver’s side you can either use a butter knife to pop the panels off or a trim removal tool. Really all depends if you want to spend a few extra bucks getting the correct tools or not.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Center console

Starting with the first vent with your door open we will try to pop the panel off from the far left side and then pop it up from the bottom part of the panel. It’ll be a little hard to pop it off the first go around if you haven’t before. Try to be as careful as you can be because there are clips that can easily be broken. I know because I have broken some. Lol. We will do the same thing for the trim piece next to the steering wheel. Now when we get to the passenger side trim piece this is where you will need to use the 7mm socket to remove two screws. For those two screw you will need to open your glove box. They are right behind the top lip of the glovebox. Once you get those off then you can begin to pry off the trim piece. You will need to be careful with this piece just like the other two because it has clips as well that can and will break easily. NOTE: You don’t need to worry about the airbag. You have the trim piece, then you have plastic that is in between the the airbag and the trim piece. So no need to worry about the airbag.

Once you have all three of these pieces off lets go inside and get to the nitty gritty. Cut off enough material to cover each piece. Just enough that it cant be wrapped around and able to be glued on the back side. Like this picture below.

Textile Room Linens Art

Next starting with which ever piece you want to wrap. If you decide to start with a piece that has the vent youll want to pull the vent out. The way to do that is you’ll twist the vent there will be two clips that you push in. Then just push the vent out the front of the trim piece.

Tire Automotive tire Automotive wheel system Auto part Wheel

Next spray the top of the trim with the adhesive spray and the back side of your fabric. You’ll want to make sure you cover all of the fabric and all of the trim. You don’t need to drench the fabric/trim piece. Just enough that it covers. Let each piece dry once they are dry then you can lay the fabric down over the trim piece. The areas where the vents are may give you a little bit of trouble so try and work with the material a little bit. Once you have got the whole trim piece wrapped. You should have enough material left over that you can use to glue and lay down on the back/inside of the trim piece. If you are working with a trim piece with a vent you will want cut a bunch of slits so that you can put the vent back. Like in the picture below.
Dagger Fiction Knife Machete Visual arts

Once you have those slits cut you will want to trim them down so that you can glue them down like the factory material. After that when you feel that it is dry enough then go ahead and put the vent back on.

In about 2-3 hours you should be done with the dash trim pieces.

Next we will work on the door trim(s). I will explain how to do the driver’s door as it is pretty much the exact same thing for all three other doors.

Here you will want to use a butter knife or trim removal tool to get the whole door panel off. Yes, we have to take the WHOLE door panel off. It is the only way to properly wrap the trim on the door panel. First there are two screws that will need to be removed before we can take the door panel off. You will need the T20 torx bit for these two screws.
One is behind the chrome handle.
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You will want to use a flat head screw driver for this. Pop off the little plastic piece and the screw is right behind it. Take that screw out and then there is another screw under the little rubber piece in the armrest handle.

Vehicle Car Rim

Then we can begin to pop the door panel off. Once you get it popped off there are a few things that you will have to disconnect from the door panel. The cable for the switches, and then the cable for the handle itself. Now you will notice that you can’t exactly take the trim off. There are some screws on the inside that we have to get off. As well as some plastic welded rivets. The plastic welded rivets is what we will use the butter knife and candle for (Make sure whatever butter knife you use your wife won’t kill you lol). Light the candle, and then hold the knife just over the flame for about 15secs, flip it and heat the other side for about 15secs. We want the knife hot enough it will melt the plastic.
Hand Wood Knife Finger Food

(Sorry about the quality of the picture. I will have a link for the video posted in this How To guide for a quick little video.)
This is how the plastic welded rivets should look after being removed.
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They won’t all break cleanly like this one did. Once all the screws have been removed and the rivets are melted off. You can finally remove the trim from the door panel. Wrap it exactly the same way you wrapped the trim on the dash.

Once you have the door trim wrapped it’s time to put it back on the door panel. You will put the screws on the door that you took off but you will also want to use the #8 1/2in screws as well as your #8 washers to put in place of where the plastic welded rivets used to be.

When you are all done this is how your interior should come out looking like.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Chevrolet Hyundai

If you have any questions please feel free to message me on here or on facebook. I am on the CruzeTalk facebook all the time.

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Great Tutorial. Did you go over the existing material or remove it from the trim pieces first. I am looking at doing something similar but am worried about the fitting back of the trim pieces if I just add more material over the top. Especially for the vents etc..
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