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1. Run till warm (70 - 80 degrees C oil temp)
2. Remove fluid fill plug
3. Remove fluid check plug
4. Remove fluid level tube plug
5. Let oil drain
6. Replace fluid level tube plug
7. Add fluid till it runs out
8. Start engine and shift park to drive and back a couple times pausing a few seconds in drive
9. Add fluid till it runs out
10. Replace fluid check plug
11. Add 0.4 liters fluid
12. Turn off engine
13. Replace fluid fill plug
That's much better :)

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Ive decided to do a drain and refill which replaces 1/3 of the fluid every 15,000mi. (Every other oil change)

this tranny does not have a filter
This trans dose have a filter but its connected to the Torque converter witch means you would have to pull the motor to change the filter
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