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How to check warranty still valid?

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I wanted to check if my five year 100,000 warranty was still intact. How do I find out that information or do I have to call the dealer?
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I have always had the worst experience with My Chevrolet or any of the "My" sites. They are the ones who link to another CRUZE forum with 20 people online when 10,000 are logged on here. Figuring the warranty left is somewhat easy, you take the first date the car was put into service (usually listed on the registration) and count forward 5 full years or 100 thousand miles, whichever comes first. An Example my Car Bought on Jan 1st 2014 lost its 'Bumper to Bumper' on Jan 1st 2017 and the Powertrain coverage will expire on Jan 1 2019. Of course for the warranty to be valid service records might be requested
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