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How-To: Cruze 2nd gen M32 6 speed manual transmission fluid change

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Quick steps and pics on what you'll need
Time about one hour .service done @30 k miles
“Diesel 1.6 hatchback"


3/8 ratchet
3/8 extension 10-12 inch
8 mm allen
10 mm allen
7mm socket
10-14 inch
oil funnel
Thread sealant tape


1 creeper
2 car jack stand
1 car jack
Oil drain pan
Measuring device I used an old oil gallon with 1 quart measurements (Becuase you can not check oil level with this transmission)


2 Acdelco BOT 303 manual transmission fluid sae 70w, gl-4
1 brake clean
couple of rags

1.take car on short drive make sure to go threw all gears and get to operating temperature
2.park car, leave In neutral, apply emergency brake, turn off car, open hood,chock rear wheels
3.spray brake clean around fill plug so no contaminates enter
4.loosen transmission fill plug see pictures its a 8 mm allen(will be tight)do not remove all the way. This way oil will drain more smoothly and not let contaminates
5.use car jack and left both sides of car pretty high enough remove the bottom splash cover
6.put both car Jack stand
7.remove screw heads from splash cover and put aside 7mm head
8.remove diff drain plug 10mm(take note on how deep the drain plug was)
9.make sure you let it all drain into the oil drain pan put aside..
10.use thread sealant tape and wrap the oil drain plug use a good amount.
11.install drain plug deep enough like you found it see step 8(almost flush to the surface) thier is a gear right next to plug so not to deep..
12.drain used oil into a measuring device
I drain about 1.9 quarts
14.install the bottom splash cover with the 7mm socket
15.remove car jacks lower car
16.remove fill plug
17.install funnel make sure its clean in and out.
18. Put back what you measured
I put a even 2 quarts...
19.wrap oil fill plug with thread sealant and install
20.put on tight
21.remove wheel chock and test drive vehicle
22.check for leaks.



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