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How-To: Cruze Oil Change - 1.4T

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I was able to get my break-in oil change done today and took some pics. If anyone is interested i have a ppt and pdf copy too.
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cartridge style, huh? hmm...
i'm a die-never purolator PureONE user. i wonder if they have filters ready for this motor.
oil... stabilizer?

what in the **** for?!

GM Calibrates the OLM with their oil, a conventional. drop in a good 100% synthetic like Castrol Edge or Amsoil and drive it til the light comes on. that's what i'm doing.

seriously? H E double Hockey sticks is a filtered word here? for real?
PM inbound.
what are the GM specs anyway? i would like to see if Edge or Amsoil meet the spec.
Agreed, the tiny 1.4 LT is so nice. So much room around it. Easy to work on (if I ever wanted to). I imagine pulling this motor must be simple. No scraped knuckles.

I want a 1.0 LT!!! Yes, 1000 cc. :D

The size of a one quart soda bottle. I hope I see it in my life time. Can you imagine the mileage i will get!!!!!!! :D I have ridden motorcycles with bigger engines.
motorcycles also don't weigh 3000#.


maybe a Harley Davidson... but certainly not anything that says "Performance" when you look at it. Motorcycle engines might be pumping out 175hp/L, but what they have in HP, they lack in Torque. for instance, the more comparable engine to the 1.4t in the motorcycle world is a Kawasaki ZX14 or Suzuki GSX1300R "Hayabusa". both bikes output well over 200 HP, but only make half that in torque where as the GM 1400cc I4 T engine produces more torque than HP, and at much LOWER RPMs.

what you drive on, day to day, is torque, not HP. That's why diesels are so damned nice. they make gobs of torque with low displacement. 50mpgs on a 2.0TDI is not an out of this world figure! why we don't invest more in TDI is beyond my comprehension. the fuel is easier to manufacture, and today's clean diesels are fantastic on the environment.
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I love torque :D

Now the price of diesel fuel is so much more than gasoline :eek:.

2.99 for a gallon of gasoline (petrol)
3.50 for a gallon of diesel (DERV).

The Cruze has enough torque for me.

I think with Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) that diesel will be less needed.
Well, no, actually it's not. not per mile it's not.

Here are some general mileage figures

Gasoline: 299.9 @ 36 MPGs = 8.3 cents / mile
Diesel: 349.9 @ 50 MPGs = 6.9 cents / mile
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...and, gasoline engines don't require purchase of special de-smoking fluid, which is an additional cost factor to remember.
never heard of it. ever. that's a first. honest. I've never heard anyone at our shop (all we run is diesels), those that i know who own, or the general TDI Club discussions say anything about De-Smoking Fluid.
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