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How-To: Cruze Oil Change - 1.4T

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I was able to get my break-in oil change done today and took some pics. If anyone is interested i have a ppt and pdf copy too.
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OP - Great post. What oil filter did you use, and where did you get it?

Autozone sold me an STP S10246.
I just did my first oil change at 2,816 miles using OP's instructions and pictures - it worked perfectly. The hardest part was buying the 24 mm socket and the proper extension, since it wasn't part of my toolset. I do recommend that you use a funnel when draining the oil, - it rushed out really fast, and the funnel saved my panel from getting drenched.

Thank you TSURacing!!!! You rock!!
Wow, way to out us to the Cruze Facebook page, Paul. Now we will have all sorts of riff-raff coming through.

J/K. Thanks for the very public endorsement. :D The wife and I both "liked" your post.
This thread is also the #1 Google search result for "Chevy Cruze oil change." :p
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