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How-To: Debadge - Rebadge your Rear-End! V4

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I know there are a few of these How-To’s already, but I felt this was an easier and cleaner way to do it.

My camera did not cooperate with me, so this is an older picture, but you get the gist.


Tools Needed:
  • Decal eraser with arbor ( I bought mine here)
  • Drill Motor
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Grease Pencil – optional
  • Torpedo level
Parts and materials needed:

  • Fishing Line – I bought the strongest mono-filament line I could find.
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • New Badge(s)



1. Clean the area up a bit so you can see what you are doing.

2. Look closely at the position of the original lettering if you want to put something else in its place. Use the grease pencils to put reference marks away from the area, but in alignment with where you want to end up. If you put them too close, you will end up erasing them before you can use them.

I used the small template (and the torpedo level) that came with the Redline emblem to pre-align my layout. If you use a level, double check that it is still actually level. Place it on something and note where one edge of the bubble is and then flip it end for end and re-look at the same line on the bubble. I ended up getting a different level than the one in the pic as it was a cheapy that didn’t hold its levelness(?). In the end though, I used the body line above as my guide.

3. Pull out or cut off a small amount of fishing line and place it around the edge of the first letter you want to remove.


4. Once you are ready, start sawing back and forth. This will literally take about 15 seconds to remove the entire Cruze emblem.


5. When you are done, pick the letters off the car.
6. This is what is left after removing the letters.


7. Chuck up your decal eraser and touch it to the double stick foam. I chose to do a tentative try to see how aggressive it was.


8. As you can see, it will make a bit of a mess, but within 2 minutes or less it will be all gone. I tried to constantly move around in case I was heating up the paint. I also stopped once or twice to wipe off the residue to see where I was at. After getting to what seemed like a good stopping point, I wiped off the residue again and then picked off some dry drops of Plasti-Dip from previously doing the rear chrome bar and then wiped it all off with rubbing alcohol and the clean end of the microfiber towel. No Ghosts either!


9. Now if this is all you wanted, was to shave the emblems, you are done. If you are going to add new emblems, please continue on.


10. I then took the new emblem and lined it up how I wanted it, held the foam in place with one hand and letter by letter I peeled off the backing and pressed it in place before moving on to the next one. It was relatively easy once you make the decision as to where you want it.


To be continued ...
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And this they say is... The New Style!

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